Once upon a tomorrow…Alice Chamblas: backstage at the Sound Design Party

14 June 2016

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With her dual background situated between the Conservatory and Sciences-Po, musician Alice Chamblas has participated in emerging cultural projects as a cultural attachée with the Embassy of France in the United States, administrator of a classical orchestra, cultural consultant at the Mairie de Paris and also at the Paris Philharmonic. Programmer of the Sound Design Party, Alice brought her extensive expertise to this project, in particular with music and image, through the community of the Audi talents awards.

D’Days: How did the idea come about for a day dedicated to sound design?

Alice Chamblas: To start with, there was a discussion with Scott Longfellow (Director of D’Days in charge of the programme) and a suggestion that the Festival now covers many facets of design but not sound design. What could D’Days have to say about this topic ? This is a cultural and social subject that requires sharp reflection. Sound is unfortunately too often treated as an auditory nuisance or in a very institutional manner.

DD: So we are curious…what is sound design?

AC: We often speak about audio identity or its impact on how we perceive brands. Sound design puts the space of our daily lives in perspective. For example, what is specific in the audio environment of Paris ? When the group Pink Floyed used the sound of the Paris metro in one of their tracks it’s the relationship between sound and space that is questioned, and we feel this differently depending on whether we recognize that sound or not. Some call it commercial, others not, but the pleasure of sound depends on the spatial context. Then there is time. This audio landscape is put into perspective again and again in a temporal context…each minute – this spatio-temporal relationship transforms itself, in 20 years, in 40 years…

DD: We are not all equals when faced with sound. What position do you take?

AC: We support the principal that we live our lives surrounded by sound design. That constitutes a passive approach, which above all concerns a generation who is aware, because they’ve been educated about images and bombarded with media apologizing for brands. I believe that this is what has created the emergence of groups searching for other modes of expression than visual. Access to our ears while they are ‘available’ is extremely coveted, to the point where we find software that sell audio drugs that will plunge you into an intermediate state.

DD: What is the programme for the Sound Design Party?

AC: There will be conferences, presentations but also workshops with artists and agencies as well as concerts in the evening, with everything being held at the Gaîté Lyrique next Saturday. Sound reunites a diverse array of professions and it was important to us that we explained all of them and had broad representation. We can classify them into three categories : functional sound design (typically a sound engineer or in the car industry), musical sound design (which consists of designing a suite of sounds for a brand, this is where we include audio logos) and, art or music with image. This constitutes a category of the Audi talents awards programme which has made this event possible. Some of the winners are participating in the workshops.

Sound Design Party

Saturday 4 June from 15h – 23h
La Gaîté lyrique – 3 bis rue Papin 75003 PARIS

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Sound Design Party

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