Reiko Sudo & Studio Adrien Gardère / Musée Guimet

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Flot de carpes / Koï Current

Designers: Reiko Sudo et Studio Adrien Gardère, en collaboration avec Shukuko Voss-Tabe de l’Association Amitiés Tissées

Since the Edo period, the Japanese have flown koi nobori carp-shaped banners in their gardens. Carps swimming upstream against the current were symbols of strength and endurance, so the custom originated as a way of heralding the prowess of newborn boys.

Today they are flown for Children’s Day on 5 May to celebrate not only boys but sometimes also girls and the rest of the family too.

Inspired by this ancient tradition, Reiko Sudo and Adrien Gardère conceived the idea of exhibiting Nuno Corporation’s exceptional textiles as a whirling school of modern-day koi nobori carp banners. Reiko Sudo and the Studio Adrien Gardère have been invited to install Koi Currents in the main rotunda of the Musée National des arts Asiatiques-Guimet throughout the Clemenceau, le Tigre et l’Asie exhibition (12 March – 16 June) and Paris Designer’s Days 2014 (19 – 25 May)

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