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© Isabelle Daëron et Fabien Petiot - 2014

Freewheel – Little mechanics of animated objects, an exhibition

Designers: Fabien Petiot et Isabelle Daëron

As a think tank for thinking the world of tomorrow, Freewheel emphasizes the researches of a new international designers generation, both fanciful and thorough, and involving form and function, awareness and poetry.

In a time for thinking about sustainable development and engergy dependencies, why not reinventing the wheel ? Starting from this finished, perfect and impassable product, Freewheel – little mechanics of animated objects brings together some smart and sensitive objects, turned towards the constant movement of people, the recovered visibility of mechanics and a new use of forces.

While energy is more than ever considered as a major issue, designers invite muscular energy into the design of domestic and urban objects. Interactive, playful and federative, these objects go beyond their strict function. By moving or just to be observed or touched, they integrate the wheel in a reinvented formal language.

– List of invited designers :
Bina Baitel, BCXSY, Florence Béchet, Isabelle Daëron, Sarngsan Na Soontorn, Dennis Parren, Fabien Petiot, Hanhui Qing, Silo Studio.

  • Passage de Retz
    9 Rue Charlot
    75004 Paris