Welcome to the festival!

This 15th anniversary is a challenge for D’DAYS, a true milestone in its development: to preserve its initial freshness as a “lightweight approach” to creation, contribute to revealing the vitality of design which shapes our personal and collective practices, place the future and openness to the world at the heart of its work, etc.
This is what the D’DAYS audience expects from a festival which attempts to build the foundations for the future of the discipline and write its own future as a key event on the design stage.

D’DAYS represents the capacity to set the city in motion, it is the devoted and focused stakeholders who, over the space of a week, offer their vision of design as a vector of economic, cultural and social development. Finally, it is a melting pot for exchanges, networks, discoveries and ideas.

D’DAYS, designed to be a platform in the city, requires anchorage points:

Les Arts Décoratifs will be one of the main anchorage points in order to launch the Festival through a unique programme which weaves a natural thread of crafts and contemporary design. D’DAYS dream to set up its base in what should always have been its heartland is coming true at last.

A Festival is a unique opportunity to discuss uses of the future. Thinking about our environment and imagining the designer’s place in our connected everyday world, our mobility, our new ways of living or working, that is the project of Think Life – international Design Forum – new lives, instructions, developed for the first time by D’Days and Artevia.

Over four days, researchers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and designers will share their vision and their experiences at the Carreau du Temple.

Still loyal to its educational mission, D’DAYS invites students from schools of applied arts, design and interior design as privileged visitors, content producers, mediators and “source locators” of our social changes. Thirteen schools have responded enthusiastically to this novel invitation.

Connected to the world in terms of what fertile distance it can bring to our own practices, D’DAYS is rolling out an international programme which sets the pace for this year’s events and those to come. A guest country, this year, Thailand, which offers a combination of design for everyday life which is pragmatic, deeply cultural and spiritual; a guest “design week”, the very forward-looking Design City Luxembourg; and the “Vilas” project, which reveals the results of residences by Villa Kujoyama and Villa Médicis combining French identity and world cultures.

Sensitive, “experimental”, “purchasable”, “shareable”, etc. All adjectives which express the desire for and the implementation of the highlights in the city: a large-scale installation in the public space, a creation programme designed for the metro, the creation of a pop-up store devoted to the Festival’s 15th anniversary, the mapping of D’DAYS coffee shops throughout the circuit, and an auction of pieces and prototypes selected from among the Festival’s 100 exhibitors, and more.

After 15 years of continuous change, It is this open and porous community that evolves every day, which forms D’DAYS exceptional capital: editors, designers and, more widely, creators, corporate foundations, associations, public authorities, manufacturers, galleries, schools and museums.
A unique and valuable collection.

The entire D’DAYS team, which, together, has built this programme, as well as the association’s board of directors which provides its free and active support, welcomes you to Greater Paris which, in the first week of June, will live to the rhythm of celebration, creation and the incredible experience represented by the promise of the future.

Président des Designer's Days

René Jacques Mayer
President of d’days